Valdelarte is a space of reference about artistic research and production in southern Spain. It proposes a regular program that encourages and supports contemporary artistic creation in relation and commitment to Nature, positioning the region of Huelva on the national and international map of residences. 

Through open and public calls, we promote new values ​​in the field of contemporary art, understanding transversality and multidisciplinarity as enriching and intrinsic values ​ of current artistic practices. Plastic and visual arts, new technologies, social action and collective creation, converge with audiovisual formats, literature, philosophy and experimental formats (more information on the blog 

From the micro to the macro, Valdelarte opens its 2021/22 International Art Residencies Program to three countries-Italy, Turkey and Brazil, plus two national residences, and a local or provincial residence. Thus, artists from
all over the world will get in dialogue among them and with the natural environment of Sierra de Huelva, which will enjoy the opportunity to visit the artists and learn first-hand about their artistic processes. 

Valdelarte opens a channel for the analysis of human relationships with the natural environment. 



Valdelarte and Space for Nature will coordinate the call for artists in residence for Turkey, as well as the online research sessions related to the selected intervention. 



Our residency program is aimed at all interested visual artists, regardless of their origin, age, techniques and disciplines worked on (within Land Art, Earth work, specific site). We welcome artists from any nationality who need the services, workspaces, accommodation and the context offered by the center for the development of their research project and/ or artistic production. 

This call is aimed at Turkish, Italian, and Brazilians artists and subsidized by Valdelarte center. 

In the selection of candidates, artistic quality will prevail, ensuring a responsible and equal selection, and guaranteeing equal opportunities for alparticipating people. 

Applicants must have an accredited artistic background and / or career in the field of arts or culture. 

A maximum of one application per holder and call may be submitted. Only individual applications will be accepted. 

Applicants shall not have obtained these grants in previous calls of the program. 

The only limitations to these conditions are those imposed by current legislation. 

  • They will have to send and present the COVID PASSPORT. 

Applicants must have a basic knowledge English. 



The program of artistic residencies is proposed for 7 to 14 days long, when the selected artist will develop the project and carry out the intervention in Nature. You will have an individual space to stay, as well as common spaces and other facilities in the center for your enjoyment. For this, our space has a 50 m2 workshop-room, a garden plot, and a 12 Hc farm where you can develop interventions in the middle of Nature in the upper area of ​​Sierra de Huelva, within the natural park. The farm has been environmentally restored for 11 years, and conditioned to be a space for creation. We have an artistic route or Art Trail (90 interventions carried out 2010/19), which are usually visited by educational centers, universities, organizations, and specific groups of experts in art and Nature. 



The selected artists will coexist for 14 days in November at the Valdelarte headquarters (Huelva). 



A series of possible activities are proposed parallel to the residency program, in order to offer a more interesting and enriching 'pack' for the participating artists, as well as for the public and for the context itself: 



Throughout the 14 days of residency, professionals from

the sector (from the local,
regional or national level) will visit the artists to learn about their projects in process and give small talks about different fields of art: gallery owners, curators, directors of institutions, critics, cultural journalists, artists, etc. The talks by these professionals will be open to the public in person and online. 



a. Projects involving the participation of the public or various groups will be positively valued, although it is not an essential condition for submitting a project to the call. 

b. Along the late November, open days will be organized. The results of the interventions of the Residence will be visited in the spaces (both indoors and in Nature), and the selected artists will present their work and research dossier. Verónica Álvarez (director of the center) and Alberto Monreal (coordinator of the project with Turkey) will present the work carried out by
the Turkish artist in an online meeting-day. 

After this presentation, groups will be created made up of one of the Resident artists and between one and four of the users of the Center to make a proposal. The creation of the groups will be determined by common interests and will be
advised by the director of the center Verónica Álvarez. 

c. The residence will remain open to the public, who can visit the artists, interact with them, and even in some cases where the projects request it,
collaborate with them in their own creative processes. An opening schedule will be established, but artists can establish their own work rhythms, previously timing the project to be developed. 



1. Reception of proposals: open deadline for applications on August 10 - OPEN CALL. Applications may be submitted until 2:00 p.m. (GMT + 1) on September 25,
2021. Once the application submission period has ended, no application will be accepted. 

The submission of applications will be made through the ATTACHED* application form. 

2. Resolution: as of October 14, 2021, the result of the selection will be communicated via email, as well as through websites and social networks. 

In case the data or the required documentation is incomplete, a correction period
of 3 days is established from the date of communication to the interested party. 

The definitive list of beneficiaries will be published on the centre's website and
they will be contacted directly by the program coordinator to formalize the concession. Queries related to this procedure will be answered through the email [email protected]

3. Project development: from November 2 to 18, 2021. 



a. Fees: Each selected project will receive € 500 tax exempt, as pocket money. Payment will be made by bank transfer after the presentation of the regulatory invoice by each artist and the completion of the work at the Artistic Residence. 

b. Payment of the roundtrip plane ticket, and transfer from the airport to the center. 

c. Maintenance. Accommodation, breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be the responsibility of the artist. 

d. Materials: The artist must present a detailed list of materials for the realization of the project at least 15 days before the beginning of the
Residences. The center does not cover this expense, but we will help with the materials and tools we have, as well as provide information and help with logistics as much as possible. 

d. Promotion of the activity. Presentation to specialized media. 

e.Collective presentation of the three artists and their resulting works for professionals in the sector. 

f. Carrying out of a conference on the research to be worked on, which will be held during the artists' residence month and will include conferences,
workshops, meetings, guided visits... The main objective is to contextualize the experiences developed in the Residences within the Land Art / Earthworks field. Thus, a theoretical discourse will be generated through talks and
conferences by professionals in the sector, and activities that the general public can attend, such as workshops or open days, will bring the project closer to the rest of the population. 

The total economic value of the residence per artist is € 1,600. 



The assignment of these grants will be carried out on a competitive basis, in accordance with the principles of objectivity, transparency, equality and non-discrimination. This call will be resolved by an Valuation Commission chaired by the Director of Valdelarte and Space for Nature or Capsula (coordinator for Turkey and coordinator for Italy) and it will be made up of professionals from the artistic sector linked to the center (a commission formed for this purpose by experts in the field, professionals from the art market, art, museology, criticism and curating). 

The selection of the Valuation Commission will be final and it will be up to it to resolve any circumstance not included in these terms. The Valuation Commission may declare the call void. 

Those applicants who obtain the highest score according to the following evaluation criteria will be declared beneficiaries of the aid: the originality and / or the innovative nature of the artistic project (50%); the adequacy of the project to the resources and context in which it is developed (30%); and the
applicant's curriculum or trajectory (20%). Coherent and honest, respectful and sustainable projects are valued. 

A total of 3 projects will be selected from the proposals of each participating
country. Only one project per country is selected and awarded a grant. The rest
will be mentioned and displayed on our website and social networks. 



a. The beneficiaries undertake to develop their project within the deadlines provided in the work plan presented in their respective applications and to
deliver a supporting report at the end of their stay. Provide information or material for the completion of this final project report. 

b. Make a presentation of your artistic project in the Conference that will take place during your residency period. Comply with the objectives set in the artistic project presented. 

c. Regulatory invoice signed for the money that will be received. 

d. The beneficiaries agree to make good use of the facilities and use the workshops assigned to them exclusively as spaces for artistic production. Therefore, their uses as warehouses, dwellings, etc. are excluded. Respect the facilities, the materials of the workspaces, clean your private area and
bathroom, and collaborate with the common spaces. In case it is necessary to carry out any intervention in the workspace (painting, drilling or any other modification), a specific permit must be requested from the program coordinator for this purpose, the beneficiary assuming the
responsibility of restoring the space to return it to its initial state after completion of residency. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to carry out work with toxic products and / or industrial machinery that generates noise above what is allowed or causes a danger to the space and its users. Beneficiaries must follow the rules of the Center, adapting to their schedules (Monday to
Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Saturday / Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00
p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) and work dynamics, in addition to maintaining a civic behavior and respecting the facilities and common spaces of the center. 

e. The beneficiaries will mention in the promotion and exhibition of the pieces
produced during their residency that they have been made within the framework of the program, including the following legend: “Project carried out within the framework of VALDELARTE CACM Artistic Residency Program. 

f. The beneficiaries authorize their name to be cited, as well as the graphic reproduction of their work for any type of promotion or publication that the center considers appropriate in relation to the residency program and / or its activity. 

g. Accept and carry out the follow-up actions that the project coordinating team could carry out. 

h. The works carried out will become part of the cultural heritage of the center. 


Failure to comply with the provisions of these terms could lead to the interruption of the artistic residence in Valdelarte and the payment of the aid, as well as the reimbursement of the aid if the Valuation Committee considers it pertinent. 

Valdelarte will contribute to the optimal development of the beneficiaries' projects by making available for them as much information and resources as possible within their budgetary and personnel limitations. 

The organization reserves the right to make modifications or take initiatives not regulated in these bases, as long as they involve improvements that directly affect the success of the project. The interpretation of the bases will depend exclusively on the members of the Valuation Commission. 


VALDELARTE’s residency program will be coordinated by the center's director, curator, and cultural manager Verónica Álvarez in collaboration with Alberto Monreal, coordinator and researcher within Space for Nature project. From Italy collaborate with Lucrecia Morón of Capsula projet- Both will also be responsible for appointing the selection jury. 

The call will also be presented by both the coordinators in different forums (events, universities, museums ...) in addition to disseminating it through the social networks, contemporary art platforms and online magazines, blogs, etc., in order to broaden the scope and diversify the radius of origin of the proposals received.


The projects will be presented digitally via email to [email protected] with the following subject: 


Participants will receive a confirmation email once the documentation is received. The documentation will be presented in a single PDF file containing: 

Personal contact information. ID or PASSPORT (photocopy or scan) 

Covid Passport / negative PCR 

Summarised CV (maximum: 1 page) 

PROJECT TO BE DEVELOPED DURING THE RESIDENCE: Research, description, methodology, materials, timing, etc (maximum 4 pages) + PORTFOLIO: brief dossier of the intervention or work (maximum 7 pages) 

The artistic project to be developed during the Artistic Residence must investigate and develop a SPECIFIC theme and technique on environmental art, interventions in and for Nature, including any contemporary artistic discipline. Description that will include a generalized statement of the action to be carried out, specifying the objectives and action plans for its development, the technical
needs required and an approximate estimate of the materials that will be used (once the project is selected, a list of more detailed materials will be required), as well as all the documentation that the artists consider appropriate for a better understanding of the project (sketches, diagrams, images, videos ...). The most specific features of the work can be established during the coexistence between the artist and the managers of the center. 

Artistic dossier (maximum 10 pages) 

2 photoshop recreations or
possible result, good resolution (in jpg format) 

+ APPLICATION FORM, covered and signed (at the end
of this document) 

* Documentation can be sent by emails or by wetransfer. We will acknowledge receipt to all participants. 

The jury's decision will be published on Valdelarte’s website (www.valdelarte.ue and blog ) and Space for Nature’s newsletter( on October 12, 2021. It will also be spreaded on the networks of both projects (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). 

We will expressly communicate the decision to the selected people, who will be awarded a grant in this first residence, after accepting the bases and signing a responsible declaration of commitment. The person requesting participation in this call must declare that the data they affirm is true and that they accept all the points in it, and must commit to carry out those points, respect the stipulated deadlines and accept the resolutions that the jury and the organization consider appropriate. In Valdelarco (Huelva) on August 8, 2021 Valdelarte CACM & Space for Nature / Capsula Project. 

10,00 € Por persona visita

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